1000 Miglia

"1000 Miles: the most beautiful race in the world. "

Every year Brescia turns red and cheerful with the 1000 Miglia, the historic vintage car race defined by Enzo Ferrari as "the most beautiful race in the world".

. 1000 Miglia was a road car race of marathon held in Italy for 24 editions between 1927 and 1957. It was a speed race, with start and finish line in Brescia, travelling the country as far as Rome through Central and Northern

The name of the race comes from the actual length of the itinerary; in fact, despite various variations of the route over the years, it remained 1600 kilometers long, equivalent to about 1000 imperial miles.

The origins of the myth

Since 1977 the 1000 Miglia has been revived in the form of Historical Regularity Race in legs. Whole partecipation is limited to cars , produced by 1957, which had participated (or were registered) in the original race. The Brescia-Rome-Brescia itinerary follows, albeit in its variants, hat of the original race, keeping the starting/finishing line constant in Viale Venezia at the height of the Rebuffone Gardens.
From the first races to the Cup of 1000 Miglia

14 March 1899 | Verona-Brescia-Mantua-Verona

A racing vehicle makes its first appearance in the Brescia area. A racing car made its first appearance in the territory of Brescia. A race won by Ettore Bugatti who, driving his Prinetti & Stucchi three-wheeler vehicle,, ignited the passion for motor racing in Brescia..

10-11 September 1899 | Brescia and the first races

The people of Brescia decided to organize a race of their own. On Sunday, September 10 Brescia held the first-ever “Speed Race”: an automobile race on the ring road of the city for 6 km race began, followed by Brescia Mantova Verona-Brescia, with path of 223 km race began.

5 September 1904 | The Brescia Circuit

The Brescia Circuit was prepared, along the roades of the Brescia-Cremona-Mantua-Brescia route, for a total of 185 Km to be repeated twice. The first race took place on the occasion of the Brescia Week, repeated on 9 September 1905 with the first Coppa Florio race.

4 September 1921 | The 1st Italian Grand Prix

Thanks to Arturo Mercanti, the city of Brescia had the possibility of organizing the Italian Grand Prix, included among the events of the International Automotive-Air Circuit. In addition to the “Chilometro Lanciato” and other races for the minor categories, the attention was focused on the new Brescia Circuit, known as the “Circuito della Fascia d’Oro” : name of the town of Montichiari, that on September 4 kicked off the firts Italian Grand Prix. From the following year, the Italian Grand Prix would be transferred to the Monza Circuit, inaugurated right in 1922.

14 November 1926 | The founding of Brescia Automobile Club

After the Automobile Club was set up in 1906, Brescia Automobile Club was officially founded under the new rules of the Royal Automobile Club of Italy, officially instituted by the law-decree of 14 November 1926 with the introduction of the Public Register of Motor Vehicles.

18 January 1927 | The organization for the first 1000 Miglia Cup

Thanks to the intuition of the four founders, Franco Mazzotti, Aymo Maggi, Giovanni Canestrini and Renzo Castagneto, the 1000 Miglia Cup comes to life. The opening of the headquarters in Corso Magenta in Brescia, marked the start to the organization of the first Italian Cup 1000 Miglia. Brescia Automobile Club: a partnership of passion and sport Circuito di Brescia, ,, Brescia-Edolo-Ponte di Legno, Colle S. Eusebio, ,, and Cronoscalata del Monte Maddalena: these are just some of the races organized by ACI Brescia, which continued the direction set by Renzo Castagneto.
A rich heritage, through which Brescia Automobile Club preserves Brescia’s motor tradition and its sports, human and cultural heritage.