Dumbbells aremodular training weights, characterized by an innovative conical release mechanism capable ofquickly varying the weight used, from a minimum of 1,6Kg up to 6 Kg.

The shape is iconic, simple and circular and at the end of trainingplaced on their pedestal they can be exhibited in their living room as a sculpture.

The Dumbells 1000 Miglia edition are made of steel, aluminium andfinely CNC machined with extremely high quality surface treatments.


Weight16 kg
Dimensions26 × 26 × 28 cm
DesignerLuca Schieppati
MaterialsAluminum, Steel, Bronze and Wood.
Production processProduction with numerical control machines a 4 e 5 axes.
Dimensions26cm x cm x l 26 cm x a 28 cm
Weight16 Kg – 7.5 kg (for single group of 3 ring weights)
ColorMatt black
Technical featuresCam coupling system with anti-seize components in pure bronze, to allow the user to
quickly and easily vary the weight used during exercise, gives 1.5 a 7.5 Kg., Maximum ergonomics and weight distribution during use guaranteed by the iconic and circular design of each kit
weight-rings., Unwanted anti-release system of the weight rings during exercise, via safety hook ed
opposite conical couplings., Anti-oxidation treatment of surfaces through anodization processes, galvanizing and painting a

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