E-BIKES 1000 Miglia

“Travel to destinations you never thought you could reach by a bike".

Our line of pedal assisted e-bike will increase your power and your fun, on every kind of road and path. You will go further, you will be faster and you will explore new places getting the best from each trip.


CT-1000 Woman CT-1000 Woman is our electric city bike with a low barrel frame for greater pedaling comfort. It was built with great attention and scrupulousness by the

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CT-1000 MAN

CT-1000 MAN CT-1000 MAN is our electric city bike built with great attention and scrupulous attention to detail. It is designed for the city and for trips out of town, ...

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MT-1000 MT-1000 is our electric mountain bike built with great attention and scrupulousness of details. It is made with high quality components, like the sturdy frame

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CICLOTTE 1000 Miglia

"Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life."

Our 1000 Miglia range of Fitness products in collaboration with the Ciclotte brand will allow you to bring a work of art into your home allowing you to train like in a professional gym.


CICLOTTE 1000 Ciclotte is the innovative exercise bike, designed and made in Italy, combining idea, shape and technology reinterpreting the traditional aesthetic and functional standards of the object

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Dumbbells are modular training weights, characterized by an innovative conical release mechanism capable of quickly varying the weight used from a minimum of 1.6Kg up to 6 Kg.

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